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Symptoms of Hearing Loss Linked to Noise 
One of the core reasons why a lot of people do not understand the dangers of noise is that it may only cause a couple of symptoms. Losing your hearing is not something that tends to be painful. Symptoms are quite discreet, such as a pressure of fullness in the ears, speech that appears to be at a distance or muffled and a ringing in your ears when you are in a quiet location.
The symptoms may end up going away in just a few minutes or they may take days to dissipate once the sound has gone away. 
People will often assume that once the symptoms are gone, their ears are back to the way they should be. However, this is not exactly true. Even if you do not experience any additional symptoms, some of the cells in the inner ear may have already sustained damage that cannot be reversed. Your hearing will return to normal if there are enough healthy cells left inside of your inner ear. You will eventually end up developing a loss of hearing when the exposure to noise is repeated and more of your cells are destroyed. 
The first sign of any hearing loss brought upon by noise is not being able to hear a sound higher in pitch or inability to understand speech when you are in a crowded setting with a lot of background noise. If the damage continues or the hearing gets worse, the lower pitched sounds will become more difficult to understand.
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